Earth Arrow is a Los Angeles Afro-cuban hip hop based band focusing on reviving ancient african and indigenous rhythms and dance .Earth Arrow is a reflection of the fire that burns in the hearts of all who live in colonized lands across the world. A pioneer of indigenous blues sounds, they set out to defy expectations and explore new realms of emotional intensity while incorporating modern hip hop and jazz sabor. Ancient and modern, the guitar licks, piano solos, and percussions hail from the ancestors and channels their visions for the future. Humbly playing to spread truth, justice, and light over the lands. The 6th sun is here.

9.14 Cafe Nela - 1906 Cypress Ave, Los Angeles 

9.15 Old Towne Pub - 66 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena 

9.16 YASS Fest - 10pm sharp

9.22 Forager Brewery Bay Area
San Jose, CA  

9.23 Apple Jacks (Bay Area)

8790 La Honda Rd. La Honda, CA 94020

9.24 Bay Area Tour - TBA


10.4 KXLU Interview Midnight // Pop-Up Meet&Greet 7- 8pm Location TBA

10.6 Slide Bar - Fullerton 

122 E. Commonwealth Ave. 

Fullerston, CA 92832



11.1 Mecha Show - Chico State

     **TBD Exact Location***

400 W. 1st St. 

Chico, CA 95929

“Everyone wannabe rich and famous but do they know the cost of what fame is?” –
Xia Gemini

“I dont act like a lady , thats what they say! You got me feeling naturally!” –
Chelsea Monet

“One of my newest favorite bands, Earth Arrow…socially conscious and defiant, unabashed and fiery, watching them perform is what one friend described as “what it must have felt like being in radical Oakland in the 70s!” –Enclave LA

4.6 billion years ago….

When the EARTH was born…

…their destiny was set. Come together when the animals began to die, when the lands stopped being green, when the rivers began to dry up, come together to remind the peoples worldwide, that to dance for and protect Mother Earth is to protect the future.

Art by John Collins

The Debut Album from Earth Arrow


JULY 2017

Come to see the super group LIVE!

For Booking: EarthArrowMusic@gmail.com

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